Did you ever skill up and and say to yourself “I can not wait to have some income to help out with the bills” and then felt frustrated that you are not being noticed in your business and you felt stuck?

I have been there and done that and telling you right now that you need the right people to guide you with marketing and advertising and we can help you.
Beauty Comes True Academy
Founder's STORY

Hi, I’m Maggie

My passion is helping others and making people feel beautiful inside and out. This has made me become an educator and now a business coach in the marketing and beauty world.

I want to empower women to be successful. I have been to many classes and worked in many salons and the only problem was, what happens after we skill up? How do we get noticed? How do we pull in clients?

 This is why I started all this. Working for somebody else all the time drained me, and having various careers around to support my beauty business was not realistic, so this is why it has led me to beauty education which led me to Advertising & Marketing, now a business coach, because I help women build empires.


What People Say

Maggie is such an amazing trainer, she is always helping me step by step with everything I need to know about henna. I ended up studying my henna course with a different place last year and I didn't get much help from the lecture but since signing up with beauty comes true academy. I have learned so much about henna such as mapping, applying, side effects to the skin, getting the henna paste correct to get the perfect set of henna brows. this online studying system is amazing and so hopefully with all the information needed to know about henna I was so happy with the outcome that I ended up purchasing the eyelash extensions course as well I highly recommend beauty comes true academy such a good online school for anyone who would like to learn beauty xx
Emily Payet
I could not recommend Maggie highly enough! She is a wonderful and supportive teacher, she goes way beyond any training that i had in the past!!! Amazing amazing 💕💕
Amandine Dayre
I own a beauty salon and we are selling a lot of our stock to save us during our time. We are making a lot of money due to Maggie’s marketing skills . She is our little life saver .
Maya Reeves
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