HydroJelly Mask


Ladies.. The most famous masks of them all, HydroJelly! 


In this module we give you in depth training on  how hydro jelly works with your skin and which types. These beautiful Jelly masks have many benefits to the skin. 


And Hydro Jelly masks are known to have vitamins, antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluronic .

These masks acts like a vacuum cleaner on your face as it peels of like rubber and rehydrates the skin.


You learn how to apply these amazing beautiful masks but also which other amazing treatments go well with this beautiful treatment and why.


Skin goals is to have radiant, glowy skin yes? Well not only are they naturally based with anti-oxidiants, but this will calm down redness, puffiness and just give you that mwah! Glow!


What do Hydrojelly face masks do exactly?


They are masks that give dull and dehydrated skin that glowly skin again. Toning the skin and give moisture back.

The beautiful ingredients in these masks help the skin, electrolytes help mixed with water, enabling cells to regulate pH levels and keep the body’s hydration system in check.

They can help your skin to retain water and could help your skin get better at holding onto hydration.


We will show you why you need to sell this to your clients, this mask fuses all the ingredients into the pores, works beneath the layers of your skin, showing you the work on the outer skin with all that beauty.


They are also non invasive and  no aftercare is needed.


The best beautiful glow to give to yourself and your clients.


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