Crystal Healing Massage


Take your Skills to the next level by introducing Crystal Stones into your salon. This unique technique is infused with swedish and remedial massage incorporated with hot crystal stones and techniques used from thai, chinese and crystal healing massage.


Make income using only your hands, stones and oil that you can reuse.


This technique will help heal your clients with helping them reduce puffiness, inflammation, tension, slimming down their face, stress and wrinkles. It will also help restore your complexion to the face.


You can also use your new massage facial skills when you are applying facial cleansers to make your client come back for more.


We also have tools to assist you with this massage and they also help improve circulation and lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness. 

Take your add on services to the next level and become the most wanted facial technician around.


In this course we work with Crystal Stones including & Essential Oils & How to Choose them :

🌸Massage Techniques for the Face

🌸Facial massage techniques to calm down puffiness & wrinkles

🌸Making your face slimmer with stones & tools

🌸Releasing headaches & Stress

🌸Types of stones to heal the face

🌸Gua Sha Techniques with Stones

🌸Roller Quartz Techniques

🌸What type of tools used in this module


Duration of course: Online ready to use after purchase

7 videos, different techniques, showing you which crystals to use and why.


🌺Pricing for Online Video Only $297


🌺Pricing Online Video with Kit $459 

    Kit includes

🌸Clear Quartz Gua Sha Tools

🌸Quartz Roller

🌸Rose Quartz Stones x 2



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