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Buy BB GLOW online Now and buy the starter kit later.

BB GLOW is the foundation that is not a foundation!

BB Glow is a treatment that allows you to achieve glowing, radiant , poreless looking skin.

The serums and treatment are water based that look like foundation and have been infused with natural herbs gently in the skin. BB Glow is not oil based. It is not a foundation inserted in the skin or Ink pigmentation. It is a skin brightening facial, that will help boost your skin collagen.

It helps tighten the skin with oil free serums. It is not abrasive and does not enter deep into the skin. This is not an ink pigmentation. This is herbs that are based on the top layer of your skin to help brighten and tighten your skin .

After you purchase you can sit back, listen and learn about BB

What You Learn 

  • Hygiene practises
  • What BB Glow is about.
  • Contradicitations 
  • Introduction to which device you use with BB GLOW
  • How you can use your products and techniques in various form. 
  • How to use BB Glow with different techniques and why, when to use them.
  • Supplies you need to purchase 
  • ​Marketing tips that have proven to work
  • Explaining the most Asked Questions
  • The different ways to BB
  • Helping you charge the right prices for BB

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